AutoCAD Civil 3D Certified Professional (2020) Video Course Download


AutoCAD Civil 3D Certified Professional (2020) Video training Course DOWNLOAD

Duration : 3h37m
Size : 1.48 GB



001-Getting ready for your certification
002-Taking the test
003-Drawing settings
004-Object layers
005-Style Manager Import and export styles
006-Referenced template manager
007-Use the line and curve commands
008-Use the transparent commands
009-Working with line and curve label styles and labels
010-Point styles and labels
011-Description key sets
012-Point creation commands
013-Create points by importing point data
014-Creating manual points
015-Control the display of points
016-Point edits
017-Surface styles and labels
018-Creating surface label styles
019-Create a surface
020-Grading groups
021-Analyze surface display results
022-Design a parcel layout
023-Select parcel styles to change display
024-Alignment style and labels
025-Create alignment
026-Editing alignments
027-Create alignment table
028-Alignment analysis
029-Design Criteria Editor
030-Edit profile style
031-Profile label sets
032-Profile design checks
033-Create profile view project style
034-Create superelevation data
035-Create and edit band set
036-Create a design profile
037-Edit design profile
038-Create assemblies and subassemblies
039-Code set style
040-Create and modify corridor
041-Using targets in corridors
042-Create sample line style and label
043-Editing sample line
044-Sections view styles
045-Group plot style
046-Section view label style
047-Section view total volume and material table style
048-Create section views
049-Project object to section view
050-Part list
051-Part builder
052-Edit pipe and structure styles
053-Edit pipe and structure rules
054-Create a pipe network
055-Edit pipe network
056-Draw parts in profile
057-Pipe network profile labels
058-Pipe network interference check
059-Import GIS pipe network
060-Create data shortcut project
061-Share data shortcuts
062-Create view frames and groups
063-Create view frame label style
064-Create a sheet set
065-Import InfraWorks IMX
066-Export to InfraWorks
067-Next steps



AutoCAD Civil 3D Certified Professional (2020) Video training Course DOWNLOAD

Duration : 3h37m
Size : 1.48 GB


Getting ready for your certification
Taking the test
Drawing settings
2m 38s
Object layers
3m 31s
Style Manager: Import and export styles
1m 23s
Referenced template manager
3m 2s
Use the line and curve commands
2m 46s
Use the transparent commands
3m 55s
Working with line and curve label styles and labels
3m 25s
Point styles and labels
4m 37s
Description key sets
3m 25s
Point creation commands
3m 55s
Create points by importing point data
1m 43s
Creating manual points
2m 40s
Control the display of points
1m 6s
Point edits
1m 43s
Surface styles and labels
5m 19s
Creating surface label styles
3m 10s
Create a surface
3m 1s
Grading groups
7m 17s
Analyze surface display results
4m 7s
Design a parcel layout
6m 20s
Select parcel styles to change display
2m 2s
Alignment style and labels
3m 45s
Create alignment
3m 14s
Editing alignments
3m 28s
Create alignment table
2m 27s
Alignment analysis
1m 43s
Design Criteria Editor
1m 7s
Edit profile style
2m 53s
Profile label sets
2m 13s
Profile design checks
2m 38s
Create profile view project style
1m 38s
Create superelevation data
7m 2s
Create and edit band set
2m 54s
Create a design profile
3m 45s
Edit design profile
3m 33s
Create assemblies and subassemblies
4m 31s
Code set style
5m 8s
Create and modify corridor
7m 8s
Using targets in corridors
4m 45s
Create sample line style and label
2m 23s
Editing sample line
2m 12s
Sections view styles
3m 49s
Group plot style
2m 50s
Section view label style
2m 49s
Section view total volume and material table style
3m 55s
Create section views
3m 37s
Project object to section view
2m 15s
Part list
3m 56s
Part builder
2m 32s
Edit pipe and structure styles
2m 26s
Edit pipe and structure rules
3m 3s
Create a pipe network
6m 6s
Edit pipe network
4m 19s
Draw parts in profile
2m 8s
Pipe network profile labels
4m 17s
Pipe network interference check
2m 19s
Import GIS pipe network
4m 5s
Create data shortcut project
3m 1s
Share data shortcuts
2m 21s
Create view frames and groups
4m 10s
Create view frame label style
3m 15s
Create a sheet set
2m 54s
Import InfraWorks IMX
2m 44s
Export to InfraWorks
2m 24s
Next steps
1m 6s


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